Monday, 25 April 2016

10 things to do on a SUNNY day


Now, in England, as I know too well, the sun seems to……never show up! BUT, on those special magical days in summer the sun will pull through and shine once again ( this kinda sounds like a fairytale!? ). Anywayyyy…I know that if I see one tiny ray of sun outside I jump straight out of my seat, wack some shorts on and go on my mission to get a…TAN. I might be a bit more…eager than most people but that’s only because they know that 9/10 it will rain 10 minutes later. What can I say…I live life on the edge!

Other than getting a tan, there are so many benefits to going outside and doing something ( as long as it’s not breaking the law. That is bad. Never do that! ). There is so much fun to be had! REMEMBER: when going outside in the sun, always wear sun cream! P.S. if you live in Britain the chances of the sun being hot enough for sun cream are very slim BUT be prepared and stay safe!

Lets get started!

1. Going for a walk or run for exercise or pleasure.

2. Meeting up with friends and doing whatever it is you like to do!

3. Have a picnic! Going to a cafe is so overrated and barely enough people have picnics anymore!

4. Sit on some grass-any grass you can find- and make a daisy chain to take you back to your childhood.

5. Go on a road trip and see what new things you can discover! 

6. Buy an ice-cream! This is one of my faves! Nothing better to cool you down on a slightly warm day.

7. Water the plants. You must have some flowers in your garden…or some grass. If not go buy some!

8. Check what’s on in your local area, their might be an event to nosey on down to! ( like mosey on down to, but you’re being nosey at the same     time).

9. Go for a bike ride! I bet most of you have a bike in your cellar that you haven't used for years. I know I have…I should probably take my own advice.
10. Go for a swim! This could be at a local pool or a lake( as long as it’s not dirty…EWW)! If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea then by all means go for a paddle ( make sure that where you live there are no blood thirsty sharks first)! Good tip Brooke.

AND you’ll never guess what! If you do all these activities outside in the sun then you’ll make progress towards your tan. You don’t need to be boring and lay on a sun-bed all day to get a tan, you could have fun too. We women are soooo good at multitasking!

SIDE NOTE: most of these could be done outside if it’s raining but everything is more fun in the sun!

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you decide to do any of the things in my list please tell me or send me pictures!

see you later, byeeeee x


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