Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Zoella Beauty Review!


I really want to talk about something I really love! Some of you might of heard of Zoe Sugg( A.K.A Zoella ). She’s a youtuber, blogger and an inspiration to millions of people ( including me)! She has written two best-selling novels ( which i have read ) and has also brought out a Beauty range in super drug and feel unique! I thought, since I got so much from her range for my birthday and christmas, it would be a good idea if I shared what I thought about the products!I obviously haven't got every single thing in the entire collection ( although that would be great ) so I’ll just be reviewing what I have got and what i have used! lets get started!!!!

The Tutti Fruity range

Zoella Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel: £3.50

I think this was the first thing I got from the range actually! this is part of the ‘tutti fruity’ range that Zoe has. I use this in the shower in the morning and the smell is amazing and I love it personally; it has extracts of Acai and Blueberry( yum yum ). I think it’s a handy size ( 300 ml ) but maybe not for travel or in a wash bag. The only thing i don't quite like, and this might just be me, is that the bottle is quite sturdy and it takes a lot of effort and strength to squeeze the product out! i know i know, pathetic, but when you're really tired and not quite ‘with it’ yet then it’s really difficult, especially if you have showers either really early in the morning or really late a night, like myself !

Now this little pot of wonderfulness was just a life changer for me! As well as having the same scent as the shower gel ( which we know I love ) the actual product is just such good quality! if you don't know what a scrub is, then it is basically a product with tiny little bits in ( this one is sugar, which I prefer, but you can also have salt based ones ) that buff away at your skin to leave it silky and smooth; this scrub includes cocoa butter so it’s extra smooth! what I do is just gently rub it onto my body before I go in the shower and then I just rub it off under the water. it smells amazing, it feels amazing and it makes me amazingly happy! :) 

The Classics range

I didn’t technically get the actual size products of this range. My lovely grandma got me the ‘awesome drawsome’ set ( which is like a chest of drawers ) which I was overjoyed with to receive and it makes me so happy when people really think about the gifts that they give ( I might of snook my birthday wish list inside her magazine ). But anyway some of the stuff that came in it was already in her classics range and some of the products I got were limited edition. So i’ll just link to the products you can actually buy now since the drawers were just for christmas. 

Now these are essentially like bath bombs ( but without the beautiful colour show exsplosion extravaganza) but are in a bar of  around 6 or 8 pieces, I cant quite remember. They have the same lovely smell as the rest of the products in the classic range that stays strong in your bath even with just one section although obviouslyyy 2 pieces/sections/block thingamajigs would be a lot better and it would smell even better! One thing I did find was that it is really hard to break it up and therefore there is more product on me than in the bath! I do then use something along side it which works really well with it…

This product is both a bath soak AND a shower cream! You get the best of both worlds! Plus, it is perfect for travelling because it’s two in one! Also mine was a travel size and I just LURRRV mini sized things and I will literally just buy them from the shop just to look pretty on my shelf, even though the chances are it costs more money than the original size! Anywayyy, back to Zoella. The entire classics range has the same flowery original cent. Soak Opera also includes Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter.

This is basically a body lotion. Pretty standard really but I do love it because of the amazing smell. I will mention that it sinks into the skin really fast and is quite a thick body lotion but not quite a body butter. I think it is really nice but there are soOOooOoOOooo many body lotions on the market that it is really difficult to compare them!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe now you will go try out some of the products as they are really good. And, if you don’t already, go subscribe Zoe's youtube channel and go read her blog and you won’t regret it! Scouts honour!

see you later, byeee x