Sunday, 3 July 2016

My Toni & Guy collection!


So today I will be introducing you to my beloved Toni & Guy hair collection. I bought some shampoo quite a few months back and I always think that if one product is amazing then everything else from that brand must be great too! In this case that is true as I am in love with these products from Toni & Guy and will sure be repurchasing some of these things and I also have my eye on some other stuff from their brand!

So let’s have a looksie…

So I am currently using this shampoo & conditioner for damaged hair, Just because I feel my hair needs a little extra care at the moment because of the sun and I’ve had to start quickly using a hair dryer on my hair in the mornings ( because I’ve been waking up late for school…whoopsie daisies ). I’ve also used a few other types of the shampoo in the past like the one for fine hair and they are all soso good and make my hair soft and it puts a smile on my face…my hair would probably smile if it could too :)

This is by far my favourite hair mask! Once I’ve been in the shower I then gently towel dry my hair and then run a little bit of this through my hair ( maybe quite a lot at the moment since my hair is in need of some desperate TLC ). After that, I wrap up my hair in a towel and leave it for 5 minutes which is so convenient while I’m rushing. It then gives me time to brush my teeth and do my skincare routine which I did a blog post on. The only downside is I have to go back into the shower to wash it off which I already went in, came out and nearly got hypothermia! And I do not want to repeat that…I literally wrap the towel around me sooooo fast! It’s all worth it in the end when my hair is thanking me for its silky new look. People must think I’m weird when I walk around stroking my hair all day! What am I like!!

This product is great if I’m having a pony tail that day or I’m plaiting my hair because it makes my hair really manageable and I don't really want to say stiff but I’m going to say stiff. Basically It just means, after I have a shower I can leave this in my hair and I wont get that fluffy silky feel that I normally get from freshly washed hair. It is also a heat protection for your hair! Handy!

Now this does a really good job…when I can be bothered to use it. Honestly, in the morning I just skip this step because it’s obviously way to much effort for me! I know naughty Brooke, This is why my hair is damaged! It’s all my fault! But on the days I do use this before heat styling, I guess it does its job and protects my hair from heat!? I also find that all Toni & Guy products smell amazing so It is quite refreshing in the morning.

I’ve tried many other dry shampoos in my time but this is the one I always reach for. With some others I just feel they make my hair look great but feel horrible, dirty and rough, not good; for me it’s always comfort first and with this one It makes my hair look, and feel amazing! I spray it in quite far away from my head ( which I think really helps ) and then brush through my hair with my fingers. Great for a quick fix!

So I wanted this because I heard Zoella rave about it and I thought to myself, if it works for Zoe then it’ll work for me. Lucky for me I go this as a free gift for buying 2 products from their range! Whoop whoop! It gives my hair so much volume and is quick and easy to use for styling my hair as it gives it more grip. It’s kinda like the mousse but in a spray form. Mine is a handy travel size so good for on the go!

I love every one of these products and I would probably go as far as saying that Toni & Guy are my favourite hair brand!

Everything is linked as always :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you could have a look at some of these things in store. Toni & Guy normally have a special offer on as well and there products aren’t unreasonably priced either so overall a really good brand!

see you later, byeeee x


  1. While Toni & Guy is super popular, I'll admit I've never tried their hair products. My boyfriend used to get his hair cut there and he LOVED it, but I don't know if he ever used the products. Looks like a great range! xx Adaleta Avdic

    1. They really are so good, and smell amazing! You should try them out sometime xx