Saturday, 30 April 2016

101 Things that make me happy :)


I’ve put together a few little things that make me happy in everyday life! Please let me know in the comments if you agree with anything in my list <3

 1 Sleeping on fresh sheets
 2 Feeling the sand between my toes
 3 Opening the fridge to see lotssss of food
 4 Realising I've got “two weeks holiday”
 5 Pulling off the protective screen packaging on a phone
 6 Popping bubble wrap
 7 Hearing crickets sing in the evening
 8 Going on a longgg walk
 9 Then coming home to rest on the sofa
 10 The first day in summer when I realise I don't have to wear a coat
 11 Stepping on a frozen puddle
 12 Waking up super early and realising I can still sleep
 13 Turning over my pillow to the cold side
 14 The moment I remember there’s ice cream in the fridge
 15 Finding money I didn't know I had
 16 Crying with laughter
 17 Hugging so hard I cant breathe
 18 Getting enough sleep
 19 Getting up on a rainy day and realising I have no responsibilities
 20 100% charge on my phone
 21 Opening a jar/bottle that no one else can open
 22 When there’s a new episode of my favourite show
 23 Waking up to find out it's the weekend!
 24 Wearing clothes straight out of the tumble dryer
 25 Printing things off and getting the paper while it’s still warm
 26 Jeggings
 27 Waking up a minute before my alarm goes off so I don't get freaked out and jump out of bed
 28 Receiving an email that isn't junk/bills/advertisements
 29 When the Starbucks barista spells my name right
 30 A bath with a bath bomb
 31 The elevator arriving as soon as I press the button
 32 When I flick through the channels and my favourite film is starting just in time
 33 Getting retweets
 34 Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens
 35 Knowing all the words to a song that comes on the radio
 36 Taking off my shoes when I get home
 37 Facetimimg someone I haven't seen in a while
 38 Spending time with my dog
 39 Laughing out loud at a funny memory
 40 Eating healthy, tasty food that makes me feel good about myself
 41 Listening to a song i used to love and haven't heard in years
 42 Taking the time to help someone with there problems
 43 When I finally see the car that’s coming to pick me up
 44 When my grandparents tell stories
 45 Taking a shower after camping
 46 Seeing the street lights turn on/off
 47 Watching bloopers
 48 Letting my hair down after it has been tied up all day
 49 People who love their job
 50 Hearing interesting stories about myself when I was little
 51 When the lights go off at a concert or the cinema
 52 Receiving a hand written invitation
 53 Having exact change
 54 When someone genuinely asks me how my day was
 55 Answering a question correctly in a lesson
 56 When I finally remember the word I had on the tip of my tongue
 57 The feeling of relief after I find something I had lost
 58 Peeling an orange in one piece
 59 Being the first to applaud in the audience
 60 When someone saves me a seat
 61 How small and cute baby clothes and shoes are!
 62 Finding out there isn't more work on the other side of a work sheet
 63 Hearing people cheer me on
 64 Finding out something is cheaper than I thought it was
 65 Receiving birthday wishes on Facebook
 66 When I see my food coming in a restaurant
 67 Finding out someone does the same weird things as me
 68 Being called beautiful
 69 Accomplishing something before the microwave beeps
 70 When someone replies instantly
 71 Finally releasing my laughter after trying to hold it in
 72 Not wearing make up and being able to rub my eyes
 73 Being told I’ve made someone’s day
 74 When the last item in the shop is my size
 75 Questions on a test that give away answers to other questions
 76 When I perfectly separate an Oreo
 77 When I catch something that was thrown to me from far way
 78 Perfectly peeling off a price sticker
 79 Smelling new books
 80 When people enjoy the food I made
 81 Untouched snow
 82 Hitting the high note
 83 Writing with a freshly sharpened pencil
 84 When someone understands my humour
 85 When someone holds open the door for me
 86 Licking a yogurt lid
 87 Teachers I can joke with
 88 Eating cookie dough
 89 Finding out my dress has pockets
 90 Reading books from my childhood
 91 Well-mannered young children
 92 Guitar solos
 93 Free stuff
 94 When someone says “bless you” after I sneeze
 95 Correct grammar ( hoping this post is perfect )
 96 Doodling on a foggy window
 97 Inside jokes
 98 Onesies
 99 Putting in the last piece of a jigsaw
 100 Coming up with a username that’s not taken
 101 Classic Disney films

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and enjoy some of the things in my list!

see you later, byeeee x