Thursday, 28 April 2016

BOOK LOVER ALERT ~ Youtuber's books!


When it comes to books I tend to just stick with what I know and love, I know BORINGGG! I never really stray out of my comfort zone and I end up just buying books of the same genre OR 10 books from the same author; sometimes I even buy loads from the same illustrator, V naughty ( pictures do just make it sooooooo much easier though)! I’m also one of them people that never goes to a Library and just always buys their own books. Not that there is anything wrong with Libraries, I just love to treasure a book and keep it on my shelf to make it look pretty…just to stare at. So I thought I would start today a little bit of a book appreciation series. So today we have…drumroll please…Youtuber books/Books written by Youtubers/Books about youtubers…BOOKS! ( That I have ) I’m also starting with the girls first but there will be another post up with the boy’s books so look forward to that! Or don’t. It’s your choice <3

Lets get Lovingggg:

This book just screams LOUISE!! It’s full of pink, pretty designs and of course…a sprinkle of Glitter! There is literally glitter stuck on the front of the book! AMAZINGGG! This is her first ever book and it’s an autobiography but the topics she talks about are very much like her youtube channel and her blog rather than a boring autobiography. She writes about beauty and DIY as well as a few life tips! It’s very laid back and casual and she tells us stories that she has never spoken about before in her videos. This book is hardback and about A5 size, I think, so it’s perfect for slipping into your school bag or taking on holiday with you!

One of my Best Friends, Mariah, bought me Tanya’s book and I was SOSO happy! This book is quite like Louise’s although Tanya has made hers a lot more…professional and well written; rather than funny stories or embarrassing tales Tanya has given us her advice and “guide” to life. She has included Make up essentials , etc., and even a section on baking! ( I was so chuffed with this coz I LURRV food ). All in all this is a really good book although mine came with a few extra pages stuck in the wrong place butttt…the more the merrier (not sure that quite works in this context but hay ho) !

I know sooooo many people that love Zoe ( Zoella ) it’s unreal. Her blog is so popular and her Youtube Channel has now got over 10 million subscribers! She has brought out so many things like her beauty range that I did a blog post on here and her books definitely didn’t disappoint! Different to the other Youtubers’ books, Zoe’s book is a fictional novel about a girl who loves photography, called Penny, and starts a blog. Then other stuff happens…she meets a boy…blah blah blah…I wont spoil it, you’ll just have to go and read it!

Girl Online: On Tour ~ Zoe Sugg

This is the sequel to Girl Online where Penny goes on more adventures around the globe. My copy is very special though…I GOT IT SIGNED!! If you have never been to a book signing before then I would highly recommend it! True, there is a lot of waiting around BUT  a ticket only costs a couple of quid more than the book is worth so it is all worth it! I’ll tell you the stories of my book signings another time though!

Hope you've enjoyed this post

see you later, byeeee x

P.S. I have linked all the books to where you can buy them <3

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