Saturday, 14 May 2016

BOOK LOVER ALERT ~ Youtuber's books 2!


For today I am going to be carrying on from my last BOOK LOVER ALERT ( which you will find here ) about the books that lady youtubers wrote, and this week I will be talking about the books that male youtubers have written, to put it simple enough for you. Like I said before I am a huge fan of these people, hence why I bought their books! side note: I will only be talking about the ones that I own :)

I bought myself the limited edition Pointless Book collection ( in the tin ) just because I started watching Alfie ( on youtube of course ) when he had already brought the two books out so I thought it would be best to buy them in a set…and it worked out cheaper this way ( I do like a good bargain ). My set also comes with a book bag and a few extra pages inside, even better :) Basically the books are full of challenges, activities and loads of other…stuff! Like it says on the front : started by Alfie Deyes finished by you ( so it does what it says on the tin *wink, wink* ). It’s kinda like a wreck-it journal. I think Alfie should give himself a bit more credit as his book is really quite fun and great to take on a trip as something to do in your spare time. It says it’s £20 on the back but you can get it from amazon for £16 so you save £4…YAYYY! You can buy 400 cola bottles with that :)

My sister got me this book for me for my birthday, isn’t she sweet? But that’s not all……it’s signed!!! ohhh myyyyy I here you say. Anyway, on the back of the book it describes the book as an autobiography and self-help guide, which I can announce is very true. He writes about healthy living, dating and basically any other advice about life that he can give, he gives. His healthy living section is probably my fave as it is soso impressive how he has transformed his body into the hunk he is today. He even throws in a couple of cheeky smoothie recipes. It is supposed to be £14.99 but we all know you can buy it cheaper from most other places.

This is another special book as this was signed too! Unlike Zoe’s signing where she had a desk and signed it there and then, with Joe’s book it was pre-signed and given to you and THEN you got to meet him, and hug him, and stare at him…and it all lasted about 20 seconds…it was amazinggg! This is a fictional book by him and it’s a graphic novel…like a comic book. It’s about a girl who finds a world created by her father on her computer. Now this book is definitely for those of you who…appreciate the pictures a lot more than the words, like myself! But the illustrations are beautiful and it’s a really good storyline. The price is £14.99 but like you’ve heard me say a million times, you can buy it cheaper on good ol’ amazon.

So as always I have linked to where you can buy these books from for your own convenience and these books are literally some of my absolute faves so do go have a read of them if you want.

Hope you enjoyed this one and let me know if you’ve read any of them!

see you later, byeeee x

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