Sunday, 29 May 2016



Today’s post is all about netball! I play netball in my school team and it’s probably my favourite sport ( along side Badminton ). It’s commonly a ladies sport and it’s quite popular so I’m sure most of you have played it before maybe in your PE lessons or you might have heard of netball. Basically It’s a team sport with 7 players on each team which consists of a: Goal Keeper (GK), Goal Defence (GD), Wing Defence (WD), Centre (C), Wing Attack (WA), Goal Attack (GA) and Goal Shooter (GS). I play Goal Shooter and it’s my favourite position because you don’t have to run around as much ;) I got a Netball hoop/post for my birthday one year and I practically practice everyday ( try saying that 10 times really fast ). It’s the best feeling when you get it through the hoop and it makes me happy for some reason; it gets soso addictive! My school have won our local league before and we got the biggest thrill from it. I even went on a school trip to Barcelona just to play netball! ( well maybe we did a bit of sunbathing too ). 

If you’ve played before please let me know and if you haven’t maybe it’s something you could look into as it is soso much fun!

Hope you liked this post because really enjoy writing chatty little blogs!

see you later, byeeee x

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