Sunday, 12 June 2016

Animals, sweeties and...bath bombs!?!


So yesterday I went to an agricultural show near me at a local farm. And it was actually soooo much fun ( I feel like an old lady hehe ). Basically, if you don't know what one is, it is a based in a big field ( usually on a farm ) and there are loads of pop up shops, charities, games, horse shows, rides, animals and my favourite…FOOOOOOD! Around every corner was a burger van or a pick ’n’ mix and even fancy things like fudge and croissants! Of course I had to be a good citizen and try each and every fudge and sweet thing ( my favourite bit are the free samples, YAYY ). Once we got there we parked in a mucky field, walked through a mucky puddle just to get in, then went to look at mucky animals; all part of the fun and exciting experience at the farm :) 

First, I went through various tents to look at the cute little animals. Most of them were sleeping and they were soso cute. Really cute! My favourites were probably the pigs cause they were big and pink and adorable!!!

Then, as if by magic, just as we were leaving I found a glorious fudge shop! It literally had all my favourite flavours, Oreo, peanut butter, cookie dough and brownie so these were all the ones I got and they are all delicious but my least favourite is the brownie one; although very tasty may I just add that they were severely over priced! I also found a pick ’n’ mix shop but I only got a few things; I’m not really a sweet person, I much prefer chocolate a lot more, which one do you like more?

While my dad looked at the lawn mowers and the tractor display I went to a little stall that had homemade soaps and bath bombs! YAYY! Odd place to put nice smellies on a dirty farm but oh wellllll. I then persuaded my dad to let me get a few bath bombs so I chose coconut, choc&orange and a musky one. Since I’ve never had the pleasure of ever going into Lush let alone tried one of their products, these bath bombs would just have to do; I’m just like a little kid and I try everything to make bath times fun! My dads fine with buying me bath products as long as I’m staying clean ( zoella’s new beauty range here I come)!

By this time, my dad was sick and tired of spending money on me for one day so we set off home!

Hope you liked this post as I had a really fun day. I’m also sat here writing this in my panda onesie after a bath with the chocolate and orange bath bomb and eating my Oreo fudge while tapping away at the keyboard. Ohhh what a wonderful life!

see you later, byeeee x

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