Sunday, 19 June 2016

SEVENTEEN 'Easy On The Eye' palette!


sooooo I am currently writing this post in my green-watered bath of beauty ( it’s a bath bomb not dirty water…in case you were wonderig ) .I’ve kinda run it a bit too hot but I’m dealing with it because I'm a trooper. Why do they call it running a bath anyway, It’s literally the opposite of getting sweaty, smelly and…gross, with baths you just sit and do nothing. For hours. Anywayyyyyy, this post has got nothing to do with baths I just got a little carried away there. Today I’m going to be expressing me extreme happiness and excitement aboutttt…drumroll please…the Seventeen ‘Easy On The Eye’ Palette !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just realised you probably know that from the title of this post. well done Brooke, gold star :)

This palette is in ‘birthday suit’ which is such a cute name! So here it is in all Its glory. Just look at them colours. Some of them are shimmery too!! yay yay yay yay! Why aren’t you happy dancing?!

Also, I have sad news. I was on my phone while taking a picture of the makeup to send to my friend when I dropped my phone…RIP to the gold eyeshadow that was chipped by my phone. Soooooo anoyingggg!!! AARRGGHHH! Besides that I am so impressed with these eyeshadows. I’ve actually found a palette where I will use ALL of the shades. And…wait for it…there’s an eye primer too!! What more could you want, except an eyeshadow brush, hold on…It has one of them too! I’ll never use it to be fair but I can see how it can be handy for travelling or for a beginner in makeup that doesn't have many brushes.

The eyeshadows themselves are pinky and goldy and mostly neutrals, so right up my street. Who am I kidding, probably the same street as every other girl at the moment. It’s kinda bad that I’ve only stayed with a set spectrum of colours but I don’t care because I love it and that’s all that really counts, I should probably start experimenting though. I was browsing on the boots website the other day and came across this and just had to get it. So i went to my mum with my laptop and sat next to her on the sofa so she could clearly see the screen and once i made my point of needing this palette in my life she allowed me to order it…what a great example of a lovely mum, for recognising my needs of makeup. To be honest I would probably have made a powerpoint presentation of the pros and cons of having this palette if it came down to it. The only negative about it is having to pay for it, and don't you worry your little socks off because this palette of 8 powders, 3 metallic creams & 1 eye primer with a dual ended applicator and mirror ( a very large one may I add) is only £7.99 !!! Mind officially blown! And mine came with a free blusher with it!

As soon as I bought it I face-timed one of my best friends and spent half an hour talking about how beautiful it is. I also have to mention the names of the eyeshadows as they are so cute and my guilty pleasure is going through the names of products and shades because they are really interesting ( well to me anyway ) and I didn't realise there are so many ways of describing one colour.

 I couldn't resist trying it so I took the pictures straight away and then began testing all the shades and they are all so pigmented and really good value for money. While I was typing I went to check my phone and I picked up the palette instead, they are literally the same size and colour. weirrrd. Guess that means it is good for travelling ( don’t worry I haven't got one of them tiny flip phones ). Overall It’s an amazing palette and I’ll probably be reaching for it all the time now. Sorry to all my other eyeshadows that I’ll be ditching.

Let’s hope you enjoyed this post cause I did ramble on just a tad. I did buy a Soap and Glory eye primer too but I was so mad because I got it in the smokey eye version by accident and I’ll probably never have chance to use it now but maybe it will force me to try out some different colours. Good thing I have my trusty seventeen palette that comes with an eye primer to save the day. It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve said Palette in one piece of writing!

I really recommend this palette so here it is, and the soap and glory eye primer.

see you later, byeeee x

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