Sunday, 18 September 2016

Simple makeup for school or work!


Obviously, for school, I can’t wear too much make-up. But I think it would be more of a crime for me to reveal my dark circles under my eyes or the blotchy redness across my face. So I, being the kind-hearted person I am, still wears just a tad of make-up for everyone else’s benefit of course!

So I’ll just show you my school/basic makeup routine! I go for just a smoothing primer base and a cover/concealer stick rather than a heavy full coverage concealer for my base. Then I use a lengthening mascara just to open up my eyes. Then my last step is my brows which I just lightly go over with a brow gel. Nothing too fancy and great for a rush! I can do this in under 3 minutes! 

So there you go! When I said basic I meant basic! I’ve seen a few other people’s school make-up routine and it’s more than I’d where for a night out! I would definitely not get away with that. This routine is something I go for quite often if I’m in a rush or keeping it simple!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

see you later, byeeee x

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