Sunday, 11 September 2016

How to draw a Mandala!


So I was searching the web for therapeutic things to do ( because watching Netflix and Youtube all day is oh so stressful ) and then Google recommended art. So then I searched different ways of drawing ( because I’m a bit basic and don’t have time to juggle both Netflix and whipping out the paints ). So the other day I discovered Mandala drawings and I’ve fallen in love! They are super easy to do and look like they took ages to make and require a lot of talent. When in actual fact they don’t just a lil’ bit of patience and maybe a lil’ bit of math! One quick tip is if you’re on the same level as me ( meaning beginner and not very good ) then get everyone to look at it from about a metre away because up close they look quite messy. These look really effective from far away :)

By no means am I an expert or someone to tell you how to do things but I’ll give you the simple guidelines and your imagination can take your artwork in whichever direction you choose! Just enjoy it, it’s meant to be fun and it’s not meant to be perfect. Just put your own spin on it! It’s a nice way to be creative! And let’s not forget if you’re really wanting to push the boat out, then why not colour it in as well, nothing better than a trip down memory lane!

So anyway, let me show you a few ways of doing things…

You will need:
  • compass
  • protractor
  • pencil
  • pen ( or a few different colours )
  • ruler 
  • paper

Take your compass and put it at 8cm ( that’s what I did anyway ) and draw your circle on the page. You could also just use something to trace a circle around.

With your ruler, draw a straight line down the middle of your circle ( please don’t judge my High School Musical ruler ). Then mark every centimetre. You could do every 2cm or every 5mm, whatever effect you’re going for.

This is the tricky part so just be patient. Using your compass, draw circles inside each other at each cm mark. ( this is kinda hard to explain so just look at the pictures.

Take your protractor and line up the bottom with your straight line then mark out every 10 degrees.

Then draw straight lines, starting from your marked out degrees from the edges and making sure the line goes through the middle dot.

Now you are left with a weird spider web looking thing, that’s it isn’t it gorgeous…just kidding! Now you can draw triangles on it, straight lines or whatever you like. I think it likes good if you go for the flower effect. I’d also suggest making it symmetrical as that always looks nice!

I’ll just show you the process of how I mad my design so you get a little bit of an idea of how it could look!

These are a few others I've done...

Hope you enjoyed this post and give it a go yourself! I’m sure yours will look alot better than mine!

see you later, byeeee x

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