Sunday, 23 October 2016

5 films to watch this Halloween!


So it’s that time of the year where all you want to do is cosy up and never ever get out of bed! The weather is miserable and it’s the perfect excuse to just snuggle up in your duvet and stay in. So, with Halloween just around the corner I thought I’d introduce you to my favourite spooky films/programmes that I love watching this time of year! 

Addams Family
This is a Halloween classic and it’s a must watch every year! It’s not really scary at all (good for me haha) but this film is hilarious! It’s creepy but lovely at the same time. The theme song too is great and I know all the words…is that kinda sad?!?!

Hocus Pocus
I’ve seen this film loooaaads of times and it just never gets old! I used to be really scared of it when I was much much younger but now when I watch it, it just brings back all the childhood memories and I love it. I actually remember having a dream about it years ago and I had a washing machine broomstick, I’m not quite sure how that works but you can use your imagination! Out of all the amazing dreams that I forget straight away, that’s one that I still remember? Why?!  

American Horror Story
Now I know this is a show rather than a film but it is halloween-y so it's not quite cheating but I just had to add it to the list. This one is actually very very scary! I don’t quite know why I’m still watching this because it gives me nightmares…but I love it! I’m hooked and I can’t stop watching. The acting’s amazing and I don’t know who comes up with all the creepy storylines but I suggest they get help because it’s messed up. If your someone who enjoys horror films and freaky things then this is one for you. That’s the opposite to me but there’s just something special about it! 

Corpse Bride
I am a huge fan of Tim Burton and all his work. I love his creepy films and Corpse Bride is no exception. I have to admit that the people/models/puppets/whatever they are, are rather weird and send shivers down my spine but this movie has quite a nice story actually. Also, A Nightmare Before Christmas is also a really great film and kind of Halloween-y (any excuse for me to start watching Christmas films)!

Halloween Town
I can’t even express how much I love this film (and its sequels)! I’d watch it all year round if it was socially acceptable (I do anyway I just don’t tell anyone). It’s a Disney channel classic and I watch it every single year! This is my favourite Halloween watch of all time! I can’t wait to watch it this year and I’m probably going to watch it right now after I’ve finished writing this post!

Sorry for the lack of actual scary halloween films in this post but this is what I love! So grab your blanket and your mug of hot chocolate and start watching these 5 amazing Halloween shows! 

Happy Halloween!!!

see you later, byeeee x


  1. These are great suggestions, i've seen American Horror Story and Corpse Bride and those two are some of my favourite movies around this time of year. Funnily enough I still haven't seen Hocus Pocus so that is definitely on the top of my list on things to watch!
    Holly x |

    1. yessssss! It's just not Halloween without it!