Sunday, 16 October 2016

Pamper evening routine!


So recently I have been loving a bit of time to myself. And what better way to wind down and relax than to have a…pamper evening!!! I’ll sometimes have a bath or maybe take a technology break, read a book or just…think! I’ll make sure I use all my favourite products to make my skin silky smooth and make myself smell of all things luscious, then I proceed to block out the rest of the world for a couple hours or so. It’s real fun, you should give it a try. Usually I’ll have a pamper evening when everything is getting a bit too much and I need a break. Also, I like to give myself a good enough reason to deserve some relaxation time. So this is my typical routine though I do like to switch it up sometimes!

So to start with I almost always need a nice big mug of hot chocolate (with whipped cream of course) and then I’ll sip away at that while I’m running my bath.

Time for the best bit, Bathtime! I’ll most likely use a Lush bath bomb and my favourite is the experimenter. I LOVE vanilla scents! (plus who doesn’t love a rainbow bath!) Then I’ll just wash my hair with Treseme and probably use my Zoella shower gel and the scrub.

Next I put on my favourite music which is usually Disney songs. But you know because it’s that time of year again, it’s time to whip out my all time favourite tunes…my much loved……Christmas playlist!!!! I’ll then have a little sing song and jam session.

After that I go through my skincare routine as well as a face mask maybe, one that’s a really funny colour and makes really good, silly selfies!

Finally I’ll just lye down in my bed and either watch telly and catch up on the soaps or I’ll have a look on Netflix for any new films or shows. At the moment my favourite thing to watch that doesn’t require too much concentration is ‘that 70s show’ which is hilarious!

So then I’m feeling relaxed and refreshed and feeling good! Hope you liked this post, I’m sure your idea of a pamper evening is much more interesting and fun than mine but this is my idea of a treat!

see you later byeeee x


  1. Love this post, sounds like the perfect cozy night in. I feel like as long as there is hot chocolate, candles, fluffy socks, and a good movie then you are always in for a good night. Another lovely post!
    Holly x |

    1. You have the perfect idea of a pamper evening, how could I forget fluffy socks! Thankyou for being so lovely x