Sunday, 13 November 2016

Some bits from Tanya Burr Cosmetics autumn collection!


The other day, I was Christmas shopping but couldn’t help getting a little something for myself! I’ve been meaning to get something from this range for a while now but I finally got round to picking a few things up! So I got 2 new things from Tanya Burr Cosmetics that I really quite like! 

I was quite intrigued by this product when I first saw it so I thought I’d give it a try. After using it, I think it’s really nice and makes my skin really radiant. I think you’re meant to mix it in with your foundation, but I don’t play by the rules and I just cover my face in it! I have found that it makes my skin really soft but I don’t think it’s quite worth the price as I’m running out quickly! That being said, I’ll still carry on using this and most probably re-purchase. Ohh, and also, the rose gold packaging is just amazing (probably what made me want to buy it)!!!!

I wasn’t planning on getting one of these Lipsticks because I’m not really a lippy type of girl. But I saw Tanya using this colour in her videos and it was just too dreamy not to try! It’s quite a rosy brown but not too drastic, I think the shade name describes it perfectly! The staying power is great and the pigmentation is fantastic. Its great for me as it’s not too different to my natural lip colour so it’s subtle but pretty. I’d say the formula is like a cream sheen as it’s not a high gloss and it’s not matte either. Overall, I love this shade and I’ll probably be reaching for this lipstick a lot!

So that’s a few things I’ve got from Tanya’s autumn collection and don’t worry, I’ll probably be getting some more! Her brand is such good quality but yet so affordable and some of her products will definitely be going on my Christmas list this year!

Thankyou for reading my blog and I hope you liked this post!

see you later, byeeee x

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