Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas gift guide for a beauty addict!


Like most others, I am super excited for Christmas! And as a teenage girl, I know what I want, so I’ve put together this gift guide of things I’d love for Christmas, things I’ve already got, and things I think my friends and family would like too! The prices vary but I think I’ve got a good range that any beauty addict would adore!

£5 and Under

Tanya has brought lots of beautifully packaged Christmas gifts this year, and honestly, I want them all! But I think these little nail polish and lip gloss sets are the cutest stocking fillers or gifts for a friend. And I love how you can hang them on your tree! Adorable!

Obviously, Zoe is killing the game at the moment, with her new book, homeware range and vlogmas, but of course there is her beauty range in superdrug and online at feel unique. The packaging is super sweet and the gingerbread scent is perfect for this time of year! She has gone all out and has soso many different gift sets this year but I thought this shower gel bauble is sooooooo cute and great as a little gift. Not to mention, how more christmassy can you get than with gold glitter!?!

£10 and Under

Makeup Revolution has always been a very affordable brand but surprisingly great quality. So when I saw these sets of 144 eyeshadows for just £10, I had to add them to this list. I think this would be perfect for someone just starting out with makeup as you pretty much get every colour imaginable! They have a matte version but I’d much prefer the shimmer for this time of year!

So as a teenager, it’s about the time you start experimenting with makeup and trying new things out so something else that is super important are cleansers. So this little set from Simple is perfect, with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, it’s a good introduction for a skincare routine. At this age we’re just starting to realise our skin is weird and likes to get spotty from time to time so they’ll take this as a kind little hint ;)

£15 and Under

Now, I actually have this myself in the shade, Copenhagen, and I love it! It comes with 8 eyeshadows and, what I think is a full size soft matte lip creme. They come in quite a few different shade to suit everyone but I think this one is the best as pinks/burgundies are so popular this time of year with a nice red lip for Christmas. I’ve used this everyday since I got this and the quality is so good for just £15! The perfect gift!

I know this isn’t really a beauty gift but I do know that this is the perfect Christmas present! I have this myself and the travel mug is so cute with a marble design and the fingerless gloves are adorable and just imagine yourself wearing them with your hot chocolate in your hands! Lovely!

£20 and Under

The other day I was lucky enough to get my hands on a set of 12 real techniques brushes & sponges for just £40 from £100. But I think this set is much better as a gift. Brushes are always a great gift idea as they are quite important but also rather expensive. This limited edition design makes them extra special and a greta gift!

I literally love everything Soap and Glory! It may even be my favourite brand for skincare and toiletries! Again, this is a brand that have brought out lots of different gift sets with varying prices so there is something for everyone! I chose this set as it has 2 different scents and the packaging is my favourite out of them all. I know I’d love one of their sets this Christmas! 

Over £20

I’m deadly serious when I say, I want EVERYTHING Too Faced has to offer this year. The packaging is the best I’ve ever seen and I know they’re really popular and a favourite among youtubers! I haven’t tried anything from this brand yet but a little gift for Christmas is the best way to start! They all just look amazing!

These gifts are definitely for the major makeup lovers! The Mac Nutcracker Sweet range this Christmas is to die for! The packaging is beautiful pink, purple and gold colours and some of the most wanted presents this Christmas! Lots of the stuff has sold out completely and a while back now I got my sister a set of 4 mini goldy bronze pigments that I was so tempted to keep for myself! Ohhhh man, what I’d do to get one of these bad boys for Christmas!

I hope this gift guide either helped you find a gift for someone else or has added loads more onto your own Christmas list! I know I’d love all of these! I’ve also linked everything to where you can buy it.
Have a very merry Christmas!

see you later, byeeee x

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