Sunday, 31 July 2016

The infamous Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer!


So recently I gave in to the pressure, and bought something that practically every beauty blogger loves…the infamous Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer!

I figured if every blogger I trust the opinion of, swears by this product then why wouldn’t it work wonders for me too? So I put it to the test ( for only experimental purposes of course ) and I went ahead and bought it…then used it…then loved it! 

It truly is an amazing concealer, and what can I say, it does the job and conceals my horrible dark circles. I got it in the lightest shade as I was recommended, which is no.1 fair. This isn’t my actual skin tone so It doesn't really suit the rest of my face but for under the eyes it just brightens it and makes me look so much more awake! P.S. I may have just got the lightest shade because I can’t be bothered with trying to match my skin tone in-store :)

It says it lasts for 16 hours which I have yet to try, but since I put sooooo much trust into this product to give my face “lasting perfection” , I don’t doubt for one minute that it would lie to me! With the high coverage it gives off and the fact that throughout the day it doesn’t budge and my makeup looks the same, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did last for 16 hours! It really is amazing and if you haven’t tried it yet, then what are you playing at, get yourself down to the shops and buy one…or two…or the entire collection *wink wink*.

To apply this, I spot it around under my eyes then take a slightly damp beauty blender/sponge thing and dab it right in. It does take a lot longer and wayyyy more effort but I find that works best for me and creates the best results.

Sorry for the really gross applicator x
Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, you’ve probably already heard so many good reviews about this concealer, but it’s your lucky day and you get to hear my opinion too! woopieeee!

see you later, byeeee x

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