Sunday, 7 August 2016

I Love Tanya Bakes!


I’m sure alot of you have heard of Tanya Burr. She’s a blogger and youtuber who has already brought out book, Love Tanya ( I did a review of it here ). Only recently she has written a new book, Tanya Bakes. Obviously I had to get my hands on it as I’ve recently got into baking. The book is quite expensive at £16.99 but on amazon you can get it at less than half price.

So I’ve decided to write this post today because just this afternoon, amazon sent me a second copy of Tanya Bakes. At first I was confused and then I realised. I, as well as plenty of other people on twitter, have noticed that the original book had many mistakes and some of the recipes were wrong and inevitably, didn’t work. So I’m guessing for free, I have now got another book. Double the fun!

The book is full of 100s of yummy-looking recipes and I cannot fault the photography! Every picture makes me just want to eat the paper it looks that good! AHH.MAY.ZING!!!! I would probably enjoy every recipe in here! And that’s saying alot coming from me, the number 1 picky eater!

I’ll be honest and say I won’t get round to making these recipes as they seem pretty complex, plus some of the ingredients are a bit strange and not something I have lurking around in my cupboards. Let’s take gold edible glitter for example. A bit extravagant and I wouldn’t know where to get that from. Silver edible glitter, I’ve got plenty of but gold is taking it a bit too far…I’m sure a real baking enthusiast could pick out any recipe from the book and make it straight away. But simple dimple’s like me, might need to take more time to plan our shopping lists!

I did attempt one of these treats. Well done me! And I have to say, it might not of looked the best but it tasted wonderful! I chose my favourite thing, millionaire’s shortbread! YUM! It was veery sickly and sweet but like the trooper I am, I managed to still eat it. I’m proud of myself! I will say, that that is the most advanced recipe I’ve ever attempted. ( okay maybe I kind of cheated a little bit because I didn’t make the caramel from scratch, please hold back the angry mob and find it in your heart to forgive me ).

Don’t tell anybody, but I am one to buy brownie kit where you just add a few ingredients. It makes everything easier and tastier. But hey, at least I don’t just buy the food ready made!

Overall, this recipe book is one of the best I own and the beautiful photography is already motivating me to give ‘em a go…then will disappoint me when my attempt is no where near as glorious.

Anywayyy, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little review, as much as I enjoyed writing it ( and enjoyed eating my bakes ).

Until next time…

See you later, byeeee x

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