Sunday, 28 August 2016

Minis and Samples that I love!


So I wanted to write this post because I have now got a fair few minis/testers of products that I’m obsessed with but just can’t bring myself to paying the full price for. I love freebies and testers, when some products are just too pricey for me to risk it. Also, who else loves miniatures of things? They are soso cute! Anywayyy, let’s take a look!

Now, obviously this is very popular amongst bloggers and beauty folk. So I couldn’t resist giving this a go. Lucky for me, I got this as a freebie with an order I placed. Errrrm…what can I say…it cleanses my skin, takes off my makeup smoothly ( including waterproof mascara ) and it lives my skin feeling nourished! I spoke more in detail about this product and how I use it in My Skincare Routine. The only reason I haven’t bought the full size product yet is because I can’t justify spending £15.50 on a cleanser! Although I’ll probably HAVE to buy it once my mini runs out!

I got these samples when I ordered online too! It’s 7 days of shadow ( although I already used one a while back ). You can probably use each colour up to five times depending on how much you use ( and maybe how big your eyelid is ). It also comes with a tester of the ‘anti-aging primer potion’ that I am treasuring for a special occasion. These colours are probably some of the least popular shades out of all their eyeshadows but it does let you experiment with more abstract colours as well as giving you an insight into Urban Decay’s quality. And let me tell you I’m in love! But when there are so many more much much cheaper dupes for, let’s say, the Naked 1 palette, Is the additional £50 bill really worth it...yes, yes it is. Don’t worry, these bad boys will be going on my christmas list! 

I got this along with last months issue of Glamour magazine. Boy, was I happy when I saw this as an added freebie ( I’d normally get that magazine anyway ). It’s always a bit risky when your freebie is something like brow colour or maybe to see if a foundation matches your skin tone. This only came in 2 colours so from the start I wasn’t quite convinced. But for someone who wouldn’t normally do their brows, this is perfect! It’s basically a tinted brow gel and it just tames and neatens up my pathetic excuse for eyebrows and just lightly fills in any gaps. The reason I haven’t bought this is that Benefit have always been a pricier drugstore brand and £18.50 is just not the money I’m willing to spend on a birthday present for my brow buddies ( even though they do look fabulous ).

So there it is! Products that are on the waiting list to be bought ( might be a bit of bad customer service because these guys might be waiting a while )! I’m sure some of you have samples that you are treasuring til' the last drop or swipe, dreading the day you actually have to buy the full size! And I can’t be the only one that loves minis!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post!

see you later, byeeee x

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