Sunday, 4 September 2016

My weekend away make up bag!


So recently I have been on a little one-night-trip to London ( it was really nice, thanks for asking ). So of course I took with me a reasonably small amount of make up to put in a cute little bag to fit in my jam-packed hold all! So I took a fair few minis that I love and mixed up my everyday makeup to accommodate. It was only one day, what’s the worst that could happen!

So I’ll just give you a little look in my little make up bag. I wasn’t sure if to write a little something about each thing. But I think what they do is self explanatory and the fact I’m taking these products with me kinda shows they're some of my faaaaaves!

Let’s take a look…

List of items and links to where you can find them:

So that’s the face I decided to take with me! It’s quite simple and naturaaaalllll…but I love it! Perfect size bag and I think I did a pretty good job whittling it down to those few items! Well done meeee!!

See you later byeeee x

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